Multiverse for KoGaMa

Hello world!

This is where I’m gonna post stuff about the software I develop. Right now I’m working on Multiverse, a desktop client based on Electron for a game called KoGaMa; Multiverse aims to both potentiate the game’s WebGL client performance and to supply the user with features otherwise not available.

The setup so far runs the game flawlessly and is pretty basic; it’s just the website loaded into a BrowserWindow. As for extra features, there are none so far, but I am currently taking feedback on Discord to know what features users want to see.

I have made a Windows test build to release soon on the Agdev Discord, as the majority of the playerbase seems to use Windows, and will gladly release a Linux or MacOS build if requested.

The code is and will always be public on my GitLab and completely free and open source. I encourage any user to examine the code to ensure that the software is not malicious.